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Worrying warning lights on your dashboard?


Let Marlin Motor Engineers Ltd fully trained technicians quickly identify the problem and stop costly component failures. We use state-of-the-art, fully updated, diagnostic test equipment and our high-level technical training means we can make sense of baffling fault codes and advise on any necessary repairs. Some vehicles have several units, not only to control the engine management but also brakes, air bags, steering, suspension and even windscreen wipers. Having the correct diagnostic equipment and technical training on fault diagnosis is vital for identifying the correct cause of issues and preventing further costly component failures.


We can resolve complex technical issues such as engine management problems, ABS brake issues, airbag faults and all other problems highlighted by the warning lights in your dashboard.


'Stop little problems becoming big ones’.

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Engine Mapping


Why Bother? - ECU Remapping/Chip tuning as it’s known, enables engineers to tune all aspects of your vehicles performance and engine management.


You can expect to get an instant increase in overall performance by up to 30% (depending on the make and model of your vehicle). Chip Tuners strive to achieve best gains in torque, performance and fuel economy.


Nearly every vehicle has it’s little annoyances. Some have flat-spots in power, torque and acceleration, some run out of power above a certain number of revs. Engine remapping will not rectify running issues with your engine, these should be addressed separately using our diagnostic services.


If an engine does not run right in standard form then it will not run right after remapping.


Engine Mapping Service

4 x 4 Rolling Road


A rolling road allows us to drive a vehicle under load and at high speeds within the confines of the workshop environment, by changing the load characteristics we can monitor various live data from the vehicles ECU to trace faults or highlight improvements that could be made. One of  the many uses of a rolling road is usually power measurement or tuning.


The Chassis Dyno enables us  to quickly test a vehicle's power output, with a complete measurement available in about 20 minutes from turning up to holding the sheet in your hand.


We also use the rolling road for many other tasks that would be very difficult on public highways such as constant driving speeds to carry out dynamic DPF regeneration, running in of new engines, turbo testing or emission testing.



Rolling Road

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